10 Part Webinar Series - March 2023

ELLA Exporta

Empowering women exporters to reach new heights.

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About Ella Exporta

We are excited to launch a new webinar series: ELLA Exporta. ELLA Exporta is a webinar series designed to empower women to better understand the resources available to them outside their respective countries to improve their exporting ambitions.  

There will be 10 online sessions starting in March lasting 2 hours each. A variety of different topics of great importance to women exporters will be explored every month. Participants will have the chance to ask questions and participate in a discussion with each session. They can also get in touch with the presenters in case they need help finding the specific resources they are looking for.

Webinar Topics

  • Soft Landing
  • Legal (Immigration)
  • Legal (Contracts and Invoices)
  • Ecommerce and Digital Presence
  • Accounting
  • Innovation
  • Access to Markets and Commercialization
  • Customs
  • Financing after Export
  • Anti Money Laundering / OFAC
  • Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act (PACA)
  • Food Safety Modernization Act / FDA