materials Purchasing

Get Materials Now, Pay Later.

Acquire essential materials for your construction projects.

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Benefits of working with Cultiva Financial.

We Help You Get The Materials You Need

Let us relieve you of the stress related to suppliers demanding to be paid before you are. Be capable of paying them on time and never let your your cash flow make you think twice about accepting new projects.

Buy Materials

We purchase the materials for you.

Deliver to Jobsite

You pick up the materials and deliver to jobsite.

Pay Later

Pay us when you get paid.

Forget About Being Stuck Again

Imagine purchasing the same materials you are buying today and paying for them in 90 days. We offer flexible terms on materials purchases to match up with your pay dates on projects. Here are a few goals we can help you accomplish:

Get materials with no upfront payment

Start working on your projects right away

Enhance your company's reputation

Diversify your customer base

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