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Cultiva Financial joins as a gold sponsor at FOROGO 2022

We are excited to announce that this year, we are gold sponsors of FOROGO 2022. We will be participating in this event designed to help exporting companies like yours looking to grow. You might be wondering, what exactly is Foro GO, and what does the event involve?

About FOROGO 2022

Foro GO is a conference event for small and medium sized businesses looking to grow their international presence. There will be a multitude of speakers, as well as networking opportunities throughout this two-day event. It will take place from October 26-27 in the Poliforum Léon, Guanajuato. Foro GO is right around the corner, and it’s not too late to join the event! For more details and to buy your tickets, consult Foro GO’s official website.

Our participation

Carlos Harding, Director of Cultiva Financial and experienced organizational leader in many industries, including the finance and consumer goods industries, will have the pleasure to be our speaker. He will present the workshop Factoring: Conceptos Básicos, Beneficios y Oportunidades on October 27 from 12:15 to 13:10, where he will discuss a bit of background of Cultiva Financial how international factoring can work for the benefit of exporting companies.

Our mission

It’s an honor for us to have an important role in helping Latin American businesses to flourish in their ambitious exporting goals. We achieve through several ways. We help companies conduct international trade with confidence by using our verification procedures to screen your potential clients for creditworthiness. Then, we use our speedy process to provide you with the financing you need in the form of factoring your invoices. This allows you to receive payments for your exporting activities in a timely manner as we quickly advance you the money and later collect from your client on your behalf. To learn more about international factoring, our website goes into greater detail about the process.

We'll see you in Leon!

We hope to see you at Foro GO in a few weeks! We look forward to showcasing Cultiva Financial to you and being a part of an event that has so much to offer for the growth of your exporting business.

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