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equipment leasing

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What is equipment leasing?

Equipment leasing is the process in which a small business owner works with a lender to finance one or many pieces of new or used business equipment.

Unlike a traditional bank loan or financing, leasing has flexible approvals, set monthly payments, and the option to own or return at the end of the lease term.

Equipment financing and leasing are some of the most valuable tools small businesses can harness to improve cash flow, increase profit, and grow.

With all of the equipment financing options and equipment loan options on the market today, we will help you decide what is right for you and how to get started.  

Benefits of Equipment Leasing

Cheaper than Renting

Renting can be a great option if you need equipment for a short period of time or a specialty project.  But, if you find yourself renting the same equipment month after month, the costs can balloon and eat up working capital.

Easier to Qualify

One of the biggest benefits of equipment leasing, is that the equipment in its self is an asset with value. This allows much more flexible approvals than traditional financing which depends almost entirely on personal credit for approvals.

Reliable monthly payments

Equipment leasing offers a path to ownership that is straight forward and reliable.  With fixed monthly payments, you can manage your cash flow and keep a better grasp on your business expenses.


Thanks to Section 179, small businesses can deduct 100% of the cost of leasing and buying business equipment. You can consult with your tax advisor to see how to best maximize deduction.

Credit Score booster

Making monthly payments for 24-48 months can help small business owners increase their business credit.

What you need to apply for equipment leasing

  1. 1

    Complete a Credit Application

  2. 2

    Proof of Identification

  3. 3

    6 months of Bank Statments

Types of equipment we fund

Cultiva Financial provides leases for a variety of industries including:

  1. 1

    Industrial equipment

  2. 2

    Construction equipment

  3. 3

    Utility equipment

  4. 4

    Oil and Gas equipment

Equipment we do not fund

  1. 1

    Equipment under $15,000.00

  2. 2

    18 Wheelers

  3. 3

    Personal Vehicles


How we calculate your monthly payment

Equipment leases do not operate like other tradition loans based on interest rates.  The lease rate factor, which is based on your combination of credit history, business credit, business strength, and cash flow, determines a fixed monthly payment for the entirety of the lease that must be paid in full.  You can not pay down principal, but do have the option to own the equipment or return it at the end of the lease.

How much cash do I need to start a lease?

Leases often have no down payment, but a security deposits is taken at the beginning of the lease for roughly 10% of the value which is applied to the end of the lease, resulting in the lessee owning the equipment.

How long do leases last?

Equipment leases typically range from 2-5 years and most leases operate for 36 months.

Here's what some of our customers are saying.

Cultiva Financial provided me the cash flow and helped with payroll to grow my business. Now, big businesses are more willing to work with me because I have the capital and workforce to keep meeting their needs and projects.
Jose Chairez
Kerch Services
I would recommend Cultiva Financial to other companies because it will give you the possibility to expand your business and run it in the proper way. They are very easy to work with because they understand the business.
Billy Ward
Comal Creek Construction

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