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Cultiva Financial launches its International Factoring Program to Support exporters in Latin America

SAN ANTONIO, October 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Cultiva Financial recently launched its International Factoring Program. This trade finance program allows exporters in Latin America to factor their export invoices to the United States.

Crédito Real USA Business Capital helps dramatically reduce the risk for exporters with this service, supply 80% of the invoice value once the goods are approved by the client in the US. This is a non-recourse factor, guaranteeing funds for the exporter fast. Once their US client pays the invoice, the balance is then remitted to the exporter minus the factoring fee. The international factoring program is designed to give exporters better access to their capital and shorten their cash cycle, while significantly mitigating their risk.

The network and presence Crédito Real USA has in the United States will help exporters verify the creditworthiness of their clients and help them collect. In addition, the program will insulate exporters from client defaults and collection delays by giving them quick funding and making them less dependent on their clients’ payment cycle.

Crédito Real USA Business Capital’s client Marvin Rubio says, “As an exporter, I feel that my hands are tied, and I’m at the mercy of my clients to receive my payments, I had to extend the credit terms, our cash flow depends on the ability of my clients to repay. Since the local financial institutions are not working with the exporters. The International Factoring Program of Crédito Real USA Business Capital is a great solution for our financial needs.”

“Factoring is an alternative form of leverage and very flexible capitalization that allows the growth of our clients. This is a great opportunity for local producers in LATAM who are currently experiencing financial challenges. The COVID -19 Pandemic has made credit applications for the export sector more difficult to obtain in regular banking. Our knowledge of the market, as well as our network of contacts in the USA and in LATAM and our creative financial solutions make the International factoring program a promising route for us and our clients. ” – Carlos E. Harding, Director of Factoring at Crédito Real USA Business Capital

Crédito Real USA Business Capital’s International Factoring Program can be used in industries like perishables, industrial goods, light and heavy manufacturing, and more. Visit our website ( for more information on this finance service and to apply.

CONTACTO: Carlos Harding, Factoring Director, (786) 553-8590,

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